Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ideas Run Amuck - a poem

Behaving like children on the last day of school
My thoughts are persistently antsy
They’re determined to question sensible rules
A hodgepodge of science, religion and fantasy

Plato debates with Martha Stewart
In the corner Poe and Austen do battle
Politics and theater simper and flirt
Banished ideas pound the door ‘til it rattles

Molecules of thought dart around and collide
Then fuse and form some peculiar bonds
Poetry trots through on a horseback ride
Logic is discovered napping on the lawn

Benedictine monks hold Vogue for ransom
Faust’s devil cackles from under the bed
The Prince gets kicked out despite being handsome
Gandhi has the Bloodwrath so he’s seeing red

It’s like trying to make grouchy frogs march in step
They try to catapult away, like popcorn from a pan
A water balloon from Physics leaves me sopping wet
Whitman and Shakespeare play kick-the-can

Buddha bowls models abruptly off the runway
A fencing match begins between Mohammed and Saint Paul
I genuflect to the pontifications of the Lord of Cathay
And watch as my sanity waltzes off to a ball

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